"Innovation With a Edge." As the industry matures, so does the demand for more efficient high quality solutions. Headquartered in Alabama, Edge Softworks is a software solutions company that utilizes the latest technologies to meet and exceed those demands. We combine technology and expertise to develop innovating, user-friendly products to help your business excel. We offer solutions which simplifies our customers experience with the more complex mixed IT environments commonly used in businesses. 

Our services include software design and development, web and mobile application development, technical support and maintenance, system integration, database development and interfacing. Our applications are customizable, user-friendly and affordable. Edge Softworks has engineered innovative and customizable technology solutions that have been implemented in large to small businesses all across the United States.

Our approach is to create value for clients by combining our industry knowledge, service offering expertise and experience with emerging technologies.Our team stands ready to harness emerging technologies to increase your compliance readiness and improve process inefficiencies. At Edge Softworks, our mission is to give our customers first-class service and to proactively watch the industry in order to create solutions that will be exactly what they need.

Regardless of whether you request an upgrade or replacement for an existing system or even something new, we can deliver. So schedule a consultation with Edge Softworks and find out how we can help you become more productive and profitable.

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